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Read about some of our past and current BUFMC members' experience, knowledge gained, and favorite parts about the club. BUFMC aims to ensure that every member of the club is able to takeaway valuable skills and a larger career network.

Elizabeth Vasilyev


Member from 2019-Present

I joined BUFMC hoping to better understand the application of all that I was learning in my accounting and finance classes in the real world and expand my professional network. I am incredibly grateful for not only the friends I’ve been able to make through my involvement with this club, but also the doors to various career opportunities that have opened up for me. Having advanced knowledge of Excel has helped me to impress my managers from past summer internships and secure a full-time job from my dream company, and even my professors at Questrom. Being able to model large amounts of data and display the data in meaningful forms is often overlooked, and this is one example of what you’ll learn at BUFMC!


Sheryn Mehta


Member from 2019-Present

The environment in the club has always been super encouraging! When I was a general member, I once had an event right before and came to the club without my laptop. One of the tutors let me use their laptop for the meeting. I was pleasantly surprised and thought of joining BUFMC. I wanted to be a part of a club where we collectively uplift each other.

Filippo Cipolini


Member from 2019-Present

"I joined BUFMC hoping to get both better at using Excel and also improve my understanding of financial concepts. I joined early so I didn’t really have any finance classes/background but I can confidently say that BUFMC has already taught me a lot of different finance concepts earlier than when you normally learn them at Questrom, which has helped me a lot in getting and then performing in my internship. Going into an office and knowing Excel really helped me hit the ground running. Networking wise, the alumni conversations we have have been very useful in meeting people and understanding the recruitment process. Overall BUFMC is an extremely supportive community."

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