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From attending our weekly meetings to participating in annual events, BUFMC offers numerous opportunities to get involved. The structure of our club is outlined below to show you how members can advance into leadership positions. 


We welcome all Boston University students to join our club as general members and to attend our weekly meetings. All members have the opportunity to participate in our club's special events, including our annual case competition and networking sessions.    


After spending at least one semester as a general member, you have the opportunity to apply for our seasonal tutor program. Each semester, BUFMC invites several members to participate in a formal education of financial modeling. This program is designed to develop your Excel modeling skills, provide you with exposure to basic financial modeling, and help you better understand key formatting and technical skills that are commonly used in the industry.       


Those who successfully complete all of the modules in the tutor program will be offered positions to join our full-time tutor team. All tutors are expected to attend each meeting and assist the VP of Tutoring with the creation of presentation materials. Tutors are responsible for answering questions general members may have about weekly content and guiding them through the models. Throughout the semester, tutors collaborate with the e-board to plan and execute special events for the future.   


BUFMC recruits for executive board positions exclusively from the tutor team; any general members seeking to serve on our e-board must begin their journey by applying for the tutor program and being invited to serve as a full-time tutor. At the end of the academic year, tutors can shadow the e-board member in the role for which they intend to apply. The head tutor acts as the liaison for the tutor training programs and coordinates the full-time tutor team's activities. Our e-board consists of the positions of President, Senior Vice President, VP of Operations, VP of Tutoring, Head Tutor, VP of Marketing, and VP of Community Relations. All members of our e-board work together to administer the club's daily operations, create course content, and plan for the future.   

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